The flat bottom barge has many of the same time-tested attributes as our tritoon model with merely a different hull.  Built as a second model in the barge fleet, it is slightly better for those who frequently work in shallow water.  This barge has increased buoyancy due to more surface area while bringing you closer to the water.  The on-plane speeds of the flat bottom are second to none thanks to the reduced drag design.  The top side of the boat includes all the same features as the tritoon, which are the H frame’s tilting bed, extendable forks, winches, and downriggers.  Our attention to detail and safety are a top priority with an engineered and tested forks system consisting of 3” x 4” steel.  We coupled this with a proxy switch securing your H frame switchover and counterbalance valves to put your operator at ease. 

Configuring our proprietary rectangle tubing internal framework, this ship is undoubtedly seaworthy for prolonged and trying conditions.  With a 3/16” thick hull, and 3/16” thick diamond plate top, we have the boat’s durability in mind.  If you are looking for a boat that shines in shallow water, our flat bottom is the barge for you.



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